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About Our Church

   We are New Testament Church of God. we believe that Christianity is not a religion but the way of life, and we strive to live our lives as instructed in the Bible, which we believe is the Word of God. Essentially, we are composed of people from many walks of life who have united to praise the one true God, and our goal is to be witnessed in Portsmouth and surrounding areas. Our mission is to proclaim in all the earth that the Lord Jesus Christ is resurrected and living today, and is coming back soon to gather those that believe in Him and obey his Word (Acts1:8).

Our humble beginning started as a cottage meeting in the year of 2005 in Gosport, Then the Lord soon began to work in many ways and our church has grown exponentially, and is still growing, all by the grace and divine plan of God. Despite many challenges that we have faced, by God's grace we were able to stand firm in faith and He allowed us to grow in many ways.

   If you are looking for a home church or if you are visiting Gosport or Portsmouth for working or studying, we welcome you to come and have fellowship with us. So that you will experience the awesome power of the living God.  Let's work together hand in hand to capture this great city and nation for Jesus Christ.  It's our hope and humble prayer that you will be truly blessed and touched by the Almighty God.

Thank you and may God richly bless you.

Rev. Saju Samuel

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